1 year ago

Types of Leadership Styles in Education

With an eye for reform, many educationists have either supported or criticized certain styles, however, which style suits and works best is subjected to a matter of opinion. Educational leadership styles are based on the understanding that certain characteristics, such as physical energy and/or social interaction play a part in the way education.

is imparted.

Effective leadership is about strengthening the performance of educational leaders, primarily the educators, to improve student's achievement. Hence, effective leadership is crucial for teachers and students to enhance performance at the highest level.

There is no single way to lead and inspire people in the field of education. Every educator views leadership strategies differently in unique situations, features, and actions seem far more favorable than others at different levels and times. Broadly, there are three styles in education, which are used individually or as a versatile combination. They are hierarchical, transformational, and facilitative.